Protect Board Operations With FileCloud

Secure board management needs more than just ensuring the safe tranny and storage of information. While using the increasing reliability on digital technology to function, protection must be prioritized at all amounts. Board associates must be aware of the threats they face and understand how these kinds of threats can impact their particular organization’s primary business.

Protected your panel meeting elements with FileCloud. Easily integrate with enterprise data databases, file machines or impair storage devices and enjoy quickly and trustworthy access to firm data with granular, sub-folder permissions and a powerful security gateway. FileCloud works seamlessly with any equipment and is enhanced for enjoying documents on the go. Use our free trial to evaluate drive the features of our secure board web site.

Easier intended for Admins

A board webpage can help administrators conserve time on preparing and distributing panel books, arranging meetings, creating agendas, collecting surveys and votes, or approving short minutes. Using intuitive tools, the whole process may be completed useful site in just a matter of minutes.


Board management application gives administrators control over who can view, change, or perhaps delete data. This provides if you are an00 of security by ensuring that only the proper individuals are viewing sensitive information.

With cyber-risks at an all-time high, it’s important that your board management system can be backed by bulletproof security. Inquire your chosen panel portal supplier about their security measures, including two-factor authentication, data encryption, and regular security audits. Also, make sure to inquire about virtually any third-party qualifications they have. These certifications illustrate that the aboard portal conforms with governance requirements and mitigates potential risks.

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